Trigeminal Nerve Damage: When to Seek Help

Because it’s easily triggered by touching the face or performing simple activities such as brushing teeth, drinking or eating, trigeminal neuralgia can be a constant, everyday interruption. The trigeminal nerve damage that causes this condition can lead to extreme, intense and frequent facial pain in the check, jaw, forehead, nose or other parts of the face. If you suffer from this condition, don’t delay seeking treatment that can put an end to your facial pain.

Trigeminal neuralgia medication may relieve symptoms and block the pain in some patients but may become less effective over time. If that happens, your doctor may recommend treating trigeminal neuralgia with surgery.

While several trigeminal neuralgia treatments are available, Gamma Knife radiosurgery offers the least invasive – and a highly successful – path to long-term pain relief. Learn how Gamma Knife can benefit you.

Remember: Trigeminal neuralgia pain relief is possible. Contact our Nurse Navigator today to set up a Gamma Knife consultation.

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