May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month

How much do you know about brain tumors? In recognition of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, here are some brain tumor facts, courtesy of the National Brain Tumor Society:

  • Nearly 7,000 people in the United States are living with a primary brain tumor.
  • More than 69,000 people will be diagnosed with a primary brain tumor this year.
  • Approximately 20-40% of all other cancers develop a brain metastasis.

Here’s something else you should know: The Valley Hospital Gamma Knife Center offers expert treatment for brain tumors. The hospital’s multidisciplinary team uses Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery to treat metastatic brain tumors (tumors that have spread from other parts of the body and begin growing in the brain). The Center’s Gamma Knife Perfexion unit is capable of treating isolated or multiple brain metastases in a noninvasive, outpatient setting – and often in a single treatment.

Gamma Knife technology uses focal radiation to treat only the tumor while sparing other, healthy parts of the brain. That precision makes a big difference for patients – studies have shown that Gamma Knife can help preserve cognitive function and memory, compared to traditional radiation therapy.

Doctors at The Valley Hospital are not only interested in successfully treating brain tumors – they also strive to maintain an excellent quality of life for patients.

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