Cancer That Spreads to the Brain: How Can Gamma Knife Treat Brain Metastases?

When cancer spreads to the brain — a condition known as a brain metastasis — patients have different treatment options. Recent research has suggested that Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery is an effective primary treatment for brain metastases, with its focus on fast, precise treatment, and ability to treat multiple tumors.

The Valley Gamma Knife Center’s Perfexion unit — among the most advanced systems currently available — zeroes in on tumors with 192 precise beams of high-dose radiation, which converge at the treatment site. The result? Only the cancerous tumors, not the healthy parts of the brain, receive radiation. The rest of the brain is spared from radiation side effects that can occur with other types of treatment. (Whole-brain radiation side effects, for example, may include memory loss or speech deficits.)

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