2018 Valley Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Patient Satisfaction Scores

Patient satisfaction is an excellent measure of any product or service, and Gamma Knife radiosurgery is no exception. The team at The Valley Gamma Knife Center takes great pride in offering patients in the tri-state area personalized care using state-of-the-art technology. Part of the team’s patient-centric approach involves obtaining and reviewing feedback from patients to help fine-tune the delivery of care and ensure patient satisfaction.

One way that The Valley Gamma Knife Center asks for patient feedback is through the use of Patient Satisfaction Surveys. Patients are given the opportunity to go online to complete a survey and evaluate the service they received from The Valley Gamma Knife Center using a rating system. The most recent results are in, and the team at The Valley Gamma Knife Center is pleased to share them with you.

Patients Are Pleased With Their Care

Patients who responded to the most recent survey were overwhelmingly satisfied with their experiences at The Valley Gamma Knife Center. In fact, every single metric that patients rated received a 5, or “Very Good,” in 100 percent of responses.

Patients were asked to rate a particular aspect of their Gamma Knife radiosurgery experience on a scale of 1 to 5, corresponding with “Very Poor,” “Poor,” “Fair,” “Good” and “Very Good.” The specific areas rated were:

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

Every single category was given the highest possible score by respondents 100 percent of the time. The team at The Valley Gamma Knife Center is incredibly proud of these results, as they confirm that patients feel confident and cared for during their Gamma Knife procedure.

Who Responded to the Survey

You may be interested to learn which types of patients being treated at The Valley Gamma Knife Center in NJ responded to the Patient Satisfaction Survey. While the survey itself is completely anonymous, patients were given the opportunity to disclose what condition they were being treated for during their Gamma Knife procedure.

Though only 70 percent of the respondents chose to answer regarding their condition, nearly half received Gamma Knife for trigeminal neuralgia. Most of the remaining respondents underwent Gamma Knife for cancer of some form.

A Patient-Centric Focus

Patients throughout the tri-state area and beyond have reported that they feel respected, well-treated and listened to during their Gamma Knife radiosurgery at The Valley Gamma Knife Center. Whether they are undergoing Gamma Knife for cancer, trigeminal neuralgia or another condition, every patient who responded to the most recent Patient Satisfaction Survey answered unequivocally that he or she gave their overall care the highest possible rating and would recommend The Valley Gamma Knife Center to others.

Moving forward, the team at The Valley Gamma Knife Center intends to maintain its patient-centric focus to ensure every patient undergoing Gamma Knife treatment is just as satisfied with their experience as these survey respondents.

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