How Valley’s Nurse Navigators are Changing Patient Experiences

The entire team at The Valley Gamma Knife Center takes pride in providing patients with care tailored specifically to their needs, embracing the philosophy of patient-centric care. This means that when you come to The Valley Hospital for your treatment, you can expect to be treated with respect and compassion by a team of experts dedicated to your health. You, the patient, come first at all times.

An integral part of The Valley Gamma Knife team is the Nurse Navigators. You may be unfamiliar with the title, but if you have been to The Valley Gamma Knife Center, you have almost certainly encountered them. The Nurse Navigators are specialized nurses who are there to help you through every step of the treatment process, from your initial diagnosis to your recovery. They are not only part of your care team, playing a role in the actual treatment, but they serve as an advocate and source of information, answering questions and providing explanations along the way.

In a recent survey of patients who had undergone Gamma Knife radiosurgery at The Valley Gamma Knife Center, it was clear that they were pleased with the care they received and the explanations along the way. In fact, every patient who responded gave perfect scores when rating the overall level of care received and stated that they would recommend The Valley Gamma Knife Center program to family and friends. The Nurse Navigators are an integral part of this patient satisfaction, as the people patients interact with before, during and after procedures. They are there to answer your questions, ensure you are comfortable with what is happening and to help you every single step of the way.

One of the Nurse Navigators at The Valley Gamma Knife Center, Susan Visco, recently shared her view of her role within the Valley team and why it is so important.

“Being a Nurse Navigator at the Valley Hospital is rewarding, as I am able to help make what can be a difficult or scary journey a little easier for patients and their families. Once treated in the Gamma Knife Center, patients return for follow-up appointments at set intervals. This allows me to get to know the patients and their families on a personal level. Meaningful relationships develop that are built on care and trust.

Working in the Gamma Knife Center gives me great satisfaction, investing in a field of medicine that gives patients a better quality of life with excellent outcomes. I am privileged to work hand-in-hand with the professional Gamma Knife team of physicians, physicists, nurses and business associates that provide meticulous individualized care for each patient that comes through our door.”

The Nurse Navigators at The Valley Gamma Knife Center are dedicated to ensuring your experience is as positive as it can be. From the moment you walk in the door, you have an ambassador in your Nurse Navigator, someone to guide you through the process, using their specialized expertise within their field, as well as their understanding of your needs as an individual. This is exactly why the Nurse Navigators are an essential part of your healthcare team at The Valley Gamma Knife Center and are an absolute asset to all patients within the tri-state area in need of Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

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