Lovinder Kaur

Scheduling Navigator

About Lovinder

Driven by Supporting and Engaging with Patients

I always wanted to be a part of the medical field. In 2011, the opportunity presented itself when I went back to school to study medical billing and insurance. Valley Hospital gave me the opportunity to bring my expertise to an environment where I can lend a listening ear to my patients. They share their joys and pains with me.

In the future, I am looking forward to Valley Hospital and Mt. Sinai coming together to provide better healthcare for patients. The new Valley Hospital in Paramus is highly anticipated and I’m anxious to see the new facility, as well as our new Gamma Knife ICON.

Specialization & Expertise

  • Patient Liaison and Navigator 
  • Gamma Knife Program Resource 
  • Scheduling and Appointment Coordinator
  • Insurance Verification Expert


  • Supports outpatient care center with preregistration, registration, insurance, scheduling appointments, database management, and assisting with record retrieval.
Education and Training
  • Schooling from the Indian School, Kuwait (1986)
  • Kuwait Computer Studies Center, Certification in Computer Programming and System Analysis (1989)
  • Bergen Community College, Medical Terminology, Medical Billing and Insurance (2012)