Local Neurosurgeons Comment on The Gamma Knife Center

It’s not only patients who are pleased with their experiences at The Gamma Knife Center: Local physicians are delighted with the process of referring their patients to the center, too.

Gaetan Moise, M.D., a neurosurgeon at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, has referred many patients for Gamma Knife treatment in his tenure. “I’m experienced with Gamma Knife technology, and I find The Gamma Knife Center at The Valley Hospital to be a top-notch facility,” he says. “I know that my patient and her husband loved the way the center’s nurse navigator walked them through the entire process.” In fact, the nurse navigator is at the center of The Gamma Knife Center’s patient support system and is the go-to person for assistance with everything from scheduling appointments with doctors to being a second set of ears during appointments.

Another physician, Michael B. Sisti, M.D., FACS, also a neurosurgeon with Columbia University Medical Center, provides similar feedback. “Having worked with older model platforms at other facilities, I’m very pleased with how safe and efficient the Perfexion unit is in comparison,” he says. “I feel comfortable sending my patients to The Gamma Knife Center, and what’s more, my patients have been more than satisfied with their care, too.”

The Center’s Co-Director, Anthony D’Ambrosio, M.D., agrees. “The Perfexion has the best outcomes, and it’s the fastest and most accurate machine for treating multiple metastases,” he says. “We’re so pleased about the feedback we’ve received from our patients and other doctors since the center opened.

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