Icon: The Improved Version of the Gamma Knife Perfexion

Experts around the world – including NJ, NYC and the rest of the Tristate area – are choosing the Leksell Gamma Knife Icon system to treat patients who have conditions of the brain and skull base. Many hospitals and Gamma Knife treatment centers are upgrading from the Gamma Knife Perfexion system to the Gamma Knife Icon because of the benefits it offers you, the patient.

What exactly does that mean? Rather than wading through system specifications and informational brochures about the two different units, the following discussion drills it down for you. Understanding the differences and benefits of the Gamma Knife Icon can be helpful as you learn more about your treatment options, whether during discussions with your doctor or in finding a Gamma Knife center in NJ that offers it as an option.

About Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

To understand the differences between the two systems, it can be helpful to first review the underlying technology on a general level. Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a form of stereotactic radiosurgery, an advanced form of radiation therapy. Although it sounds like surgery, Gamma Knife radiosurgery is minimally invasive, does not involve any incisions and does not require a hospital stay.

In contrast to traditional whole brain radiation therapy that exposes the entire brain to low doses of radiation over multiple sessions, Gamma Knife radiosurgery uses multiple beams of radiation at the same time to treat just the targeted area. This allows for higher doses of radiation to be delivered each treatment and as a result, patients require fewer treatment sessions. Furthermore, healthy surrounding tissues receive less radiation, resulting in fewer of the unpleasant side effects often associated with radiation therapy.

As compared to traditional surgery for conditions of the brain and skull base, Gamma Knife radiosurgery provides patients in NJ with a treatment option that lends itself to less pain, fewer side effects and a shorter recovery time. Since it is an outpatient procedure, Gamma Knife radiosurgery does not require a hospital stay. Similarly, thanks to its minimally invasive nature, Gamma Knife also eliminates the risks associated with general surgery, and most patients are able to return to normal activities within a day, rather than weeks or even months.

The Gamma Knife Perfexion System

Before the development of the Gamma Knife Icon, experts in the NJ area used the Gamma Knife Perfexion system to treat patients with conditions of the brain and skull base. At the time of its development, the Perfexion system was at the top of its class, thanks to technological innovations and improvements.

One major advantage of the Gamma Knife Perfexion was that it provided shielding of healthy tissues up to 100 times greater than any other stereotactic radiosurgery system available. Additionally, when it became available, the Gamma Knife Perfexion system was able to treat patients in less time and with greater precision than ever before.

The Gamma Knife Icon System

The Gamma Knife Icon is currently the most precise stereotactic radiosurgery system available to specialists in the Tristate area. You can think of it as the “new and improved” version of the Gamma Knife Perfexion, in that it builds off what was already a highly regarded system preferred by experts worldwide.

Many of the advancements found in the Gamma Knife Icon relate to the ease with which your doctor can treat you, resulting in a more streamlined treatment session. As a result, you spend less time at your appointment and are free to recover at home even sooner. Additionally, many patients will now have the option of a custom face mask as opposed to the headframe, which some people prefer. However, this will depend on your specific condition and the characteristics of the area being treated, such as size and location.

Another improvement found in the Gamma Knife Icon is increased precision, allowing your doctor to treat your condition with higher accuracy than any other system – within 0.15 mm, which is the width of just two human hairs. This enables your doctor to treat only the area of interest, further reducing the radiation dose to surrounding tissues.

Finally, doctors in NJ and NYC now have added flexibility when developing a treatment plan using stereotactic radiosurgery. With the Gamma Knife Icon, your doctor still has the option of delivering a single large dose using nearly 200 individual beams, as with the Gamma Knife Perfexion. However, the improved system also gives your doctor the option of delivering treatment in multiple, smaller doses in what is referred to as fractionated radiosurgery. This helps your doctor further tailor your treatment to you as an individual, enhancing outcomes and reducing side effects.

Improved Precision, Improved Results

Conditions of the brain and skull base require expert care, precision and accuracy to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment and your safety as a patient. The Leksell Gamma Knife Icon is the next generation in stereotactic radiosurgery technology, building on its predecessor, the Gamma Knife Perfexion. With improved accuracy, enhanced patient comfort and even more treatment options, it’s no wonder experts in NJ and around the world are choosing the Gamma Knife Icon as their Gamma Knife radiosurgery delivery system.

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